How I'm Taking My Life Back Featured Image with Black Woman Natural Hair in Front Of Rainbow Wall

How I’m Taking My Life Back

Life is a beautiful mix of pain, joy, the unknown, what we can see and can’t, life-changing moments, heart-shattering experiences and divine miracles.

Over the last few years, life has tried to break me with one family death after another, my brother going to prison, financial lack like I’ve never experienced before, intense depression and anxiety.

I’m relieved to say that the long, dark, treacherous storm is over! A rainbow of love, peace, comfort and strength surrounds me, the sun is shining bright, and everything is looking good! Continue reading

Discovering Purpose Through Your Pain Featured Image with Black Woman in Pink Dress Cave Tunnel

Discovering Purpose Through Your Pain

You have probably heard that “diamonds are created under pressure” or that pearls are formed due to an oyster’s response to a foreign object/irritant (usually a parasite) in its shell.

Beautiful things, rare things, valuable things are born of uncomfortable, painful situations and experiences.

This is a part of life. It often takes struggle, heartache, destruction, dysfunction and brokenness to mold or build something great, unique, amazing, new, life and world-changing. Continue reading

Staying on My Path When the Journey Gets Tough Featured Image with Black Woman Outside Wearing Headwrap Looking

Staying on My Path When the Journey Gets Tough

So many times I’ve wanted to give up. On this blog, on freelance writing, on following my dreams. It pulls so much out of me that I wonder if it’s worth it. Or if I have what it takes to keep on. Sometimes it seems like I’m doing so much, and things are getting better, but not “fast enough”.

I want to jump ahead, to where I have more than enough financially, I’m fulfilled emotionally, strong spiritually and have the body of my dreams, lol. I want to get to the life I see in my mind, where I’m comfortable, where everything looks good. Continue reading