The Mountains That Made Me | My First Short Doc

The Mountains That Made Me | My First Short Doc

So…I’ve been SO nervous to share this, but a friend at #mastHERclass, an event this past weekend, encouraged me to do it. So here it is!

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10 Words to Affirm Self-Love

10 Words to Affirm Self-Love

For most of my life, I’ve struggled with the way I look. I remember sitting in my parent’s bedroom as a child, on their bed, crying and asking, begging God to do a miracle and make my skin lighter.

When I woke up the next morning and looked in the mirror I was angry, sad and irritated. God knew the pain I experienced because of my chocolate, melanin-rich, sun-kissed skin. He made me this way and saw the way people teased me, called me ugly and how awkward I felt. He made me this way and He refused to change it.

I didn’t understand it and I refused to accept it. I grew up in a predominately white neighborhood, and at the time there were only one or two Black families around (including mine). Continue reading “10 Words to Affirm Self-Love”

Because I’m Black (A Poem)

Because I’m Black (A Poem)

Because I’m Black
My life has no value
My melanin rich skin you can’t handle
So you put yourself up on a pedestal

Make my God white as snow
Eyes like the bright blue sky
Where does the truth lie?

Because I’m Black
You say that beauty is not within me
My curves, my kinks, my nose, my lips
My reflection in the mirror is amiss

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Welcome to Sincerely Sharee!

Welcome to Sincerely Sharee!

Yes! I made it. I did it! I’ve been challenged. I’ve overcome. I’ve been afraid. Terrified. I’ve been real. Raw. I’m learning, growing and transforming. I’m becoming a more beautiful, whole, free version of me!

If you’re reading this post right now, it means that I’ve made it out of the valley, the shadows, the depression, being a Black woman in a world that belittles my existence; that I accept my natural hair, my beauty. It means that the Creator has given me strength, grace and guidance; and I am following His path and destiny for my life.

It means that I’ve decided to live a life of purpose, love, passion and truth. It means that I am actively pursuing my dream, mission and vision – to inspire, uplift and empower black and brown women and teens through my writing; to encourage love of God, self-love, and love of others.

I am Sharee Silerio, and my name means “beloved”. In love I am a daughter, sister, aunt, wife, cousin, niece and friend. In profession and passion I am a writer, film and television producer, and now a blogger. I am Black, beloved and beautiful.

Sincerely Sharee is the beginning of my journey to build unconditional and unapologetic love for all of who I am – my imperfections, contradictions, weaknesses, strengths, mistakes and triumphs. It is my process to becoming the most sincere, pure form of myself. In each post, I will be transparent and vulnerable, revealing the lessons I’ve learned and the hope for my pain.

For most of my life, even up until today, I’ve struggled with low self-esteem and how to love me. It has been difficult to love and live in my melanin-rich skin, my Blackness, my beauty, and accept all of me, inside and out, including who I am not. This fight began many years ago, with five words.

I met racism in elementary school (where I was the only student of color for years) when a white classmate and I were walking home from school and he said, “You’re ugly because you’re black”. From that moment on, I hated being black. My heart was crushed and I was never the same. Even worse, I was teased by my black classmates for my chocolate skin, height (which was above average for our age), and the dark circles around my eyes (I was often called a “raccoon”). I felt ugly, unwanted, unworthy, inadequate and extremely self-conscious.

Over the last couple of years, I have worked to get through this life-long hurdle, by journaling every morning and reading a devotional focused on getting closer to God. He has told me over and over again that it is time to grow and learn to love myself. As a Christian, I’ve known about God most of my life, but I have made it a priority to get to know Him as a friend, a Father, Counselor, and so much more. I’m slowly learning how to love myself the way God loves me, and I want to share this love with the world.

This blog is part of my path to fulfilling my mission and vision, and you can expect everything I create to fall in line with both. My hope is that Sincerely Sharee is your favorite life, faith, love, and culture blog. With every word, you have my heart, truth, soul and mind.

Be loved. Love You. Be love.