Monday Motivation – Embrace Change!

4.16.18 - Change

The lesson of my life so far this year is that ALL living things, living beings, change. If we don’t change, adapt, grow, or evolve, we die, in one way or another. Change is an uncontrollable part of this journey, but we have to choose to grow in the midst of it, through it. Are you resisting change, or are you using it as a tool to tap into your resilience, wisdom and power? 

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What Loving Yourself Requires Featured Image with Black Woman Flower in Hair Smiling

What Loving Yourself Requires

The more I learn to love myself, the more I truly grasp what it means.

I used to think that loving who I am meant that I had to be perfect. I used to think that loving who I am was tied to who and how many people loved me.

I used to think that loving what I look like is defined by others’ opinions of me. I used to think that loving what I looked like had to be what the world thought was worthy of being beautiful. Continue reading

How to Allow Yourself to Feel Featured Image with Black Woman Smiling Drinking Tea

How to Allow Yourself to Feel

In life, we experience a range of emotions – from sadness to joy, disappointment, anger, elation, anxiety, fear, content, and countless others.

When we are in the midst of emotionally heavy situations – such as presidents who evoke evil, coworkers who stomp on our last nerves, illness, job loss or stress, it can be easy to try to “get over” your feelings so you can continue to function. Continue reading

Staying on My Path When the Journey Gets Tough Featured Image with Black Woman Outside Wearing Headwrap Looking

Staying on My Path When the Journey Gets Tough

So many times I’ve wanted to give up. On this blog, on freelance writing, on following my dreams. It pulls so much out of me that I wonder if it’s worth it. Or if I have what it takes to keep on. Sometimes it seems like I’m doing so much, and things are getting better, but not “fast enough”.

I want to jump ahead, to where I have more than enough financially, I’m fulfilled emotionally, strong spiritually and have the body of my dreams, lol. I want to get to the life I see in my mind, where I’m comfortable, where everything looks good. Continue reading