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Why & How You Should Stop Judging Yourself

Why & How You Should Stop Judging Yourself

I don’t know about you, but I’m EXTREMELY hard on myself!

If I’ve had an awkward exchange with a stranger, should have said something to someone but didn’t, or said something that I didn’t need to say, I feel guilty almost immediately.

I start to wonder if I am really this nice, sweet and compassionate person that I think I am, and who others describe me as. Continue reading “Why & How You Should Stop Judging Yourself”

She IS (A Poem)

She IS (A Poem)

Sweet as honey, wrapped in soul, wisdom and truth.

A Black butterfly, with nothing to prove.

Words shine light on her heart’s deepest cries.

She’s a blank canvas. Masterpiece in quiet. Continue reading “She IS (A Poem)”