Staying on My Path When the Journey Gets Tough

Staying on My Path When the Journey Gets Tough Featured Image with Black Woman Outside Wearing Headwrap Looking

So many times I’ve wanted to give up. On this blog, on freelance writing, on following my dreams. It pulls so much out of me that I wonder if it’s worth it. Or if I have what it takes to keep on. Sometimes it seems like I’m doing so much, and things are getting better, but not “fast enough”.

I want to jump ahead, to where I have more than enough financially, I’m fulfilled emotionally, strong spiritually and have the body of my dreams, lol. I want to get to the life I see in my mind, where I’m comfortable, where everything looks good.

The more and more I want this though, the less life actually looks like this. Something is always going wrong, or happening opposite of what I want or expect.

Life has its own way of showing us that we aren’t in control. And we never will be.

And being comfortable is NOT a part of the plan. You don’t grow when you’re comfortable. You don’t change when you’re comfortable. You don’t take chances when you’re comfortable. You don’t MOVE when you’re comfortable.

You stay put when you’re comfortable, and eventually your days become a routine that you complete without even thinking about it.

This isn’t truly living. Living is intentional, deliberate, creative and vibrant.

I’m not supposed to be comfortable if I see myself bringing something to life that doesn’t currently exist – my dreams. I’m not supposed to be comfortable if I want to do things that my family, friends or loved ones have never done or accomplished before. I’m not supposed to be comfortable if I’m pursuing a life and purpose that is bigger than me.

The purpose of this discomfort, struggle, frustration, and mystery is to stretch me – my heart, soul, mind, beliefs, thoughts, abilities and potential. It’s preparing me for the persistence, confidence and strength that I will need to get through the tough times on my path to purpose. It’s preparing me to keep on when I hear “no”; when doors are slammed in my face; when people tell me “you can’t” or “you aren’t”.

Just when I’m ready to stop it all, God shows me that I should keep going. It comes in one of my motivational posts being published in a local magazine; a reader sending an email telling me how much an article I wrote spoke to them; comments on this blog about how a post helped someone.

In spite of all my struggles, God has shown me several times that this is the path for me. No matter how difficult it gets, I will hold in my mind and heart the times He’s offered motivation for me to keep going.

I won’t give up so easily when my Creator believes in me so much to use other people to show me the impact of what I’m doing. I won’t give up on myself when I know that God created me for this. I won’t give up because I know that this isn’t just about me, but that other people need to read the words I have to say, so they can bury them in their hearts and minds to remember in their tough times.

One day at a time, one moment, one minute, I will keep my eyes on God’s promises of power, comfort, love, peace, favor, direction, protection and wisdom as I walk to my divine destiny.

How has your life been tough? How do you stay encouraged?

Be loved. Love you. Be love.


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