How to Allow Yourself to Feel Featured Image with Black Woman Smiling Drinking Tea

How to Allow Yourself to Feel

In life, we experience a range of emotions – from sadness to joy, disappointment, anger, elation, anxiety, fear, content, and countless others.

When we are in the midst of emotionally heavy situations – such as presidents who evoke evil, coworkers who stomp on our last nerves, illness, job loss or stress, it can be easy to try to “get over” your feelings so you can continue to function. Continue reading


Journal Entry for 7/31/17: Focus on the beauty in life. Focus on the light, the love, the experiences that fill your soul. Focus on laughter, fun, relaxation. Focus on what fills you with joy, hope, peace, confidence, wisdom, strength and understanding. Focus on what moves you, what lifts you, what teaches you, what emboldens you. Focus on what creates the life you hope and dream to live. Focus on everything good!! #MotivationMonday #SincerelySharee #Positivity #Vacation #LakePontchartrain

Discovering, Becoming My True Self

So today I’m going to get personal. I’m going to try to be brave. I’m going to speak my truth. I’m going to free myself.

Every once in a while, I suffer from depression, anxiety takes over my mind, body, and soul, and my insecurities keep me from being who I long to be.

Day by day, I’m making an effort to push through, to see the beauty in the struggle, to discover what it looks, feels and tastes like to be me. Continue reading